About Us

Bashayer is an Egyptian Export Consortia that was sponsored by Medical and Aromatic Plants (EMAP) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The consortia consists of the following three companies that are working in the field of growing and exporting herbs&spices, grains, beans and oil seeds. The companies are:

- Awlad Abd El Sanad co.
- Al Tawfik & Alkaram co.
- Al Ekhlas co.

The three Companies are located in Menia - Egypt, where they grow their own land and distribute their products locally and internationally

By having those companies together, we are also able to source & supply products that is not grown by us, prepare it for export as well as handling all logistics aspects .

We cultivate most of our products and this gives us the chance to fully control and apply high quality cultivation programs. Fresh goods are dried naturally in our drying locations preserving their entities. The dried raw materials then go through the assigned processing procedures in the production location according to our clients' quality specifications. Goods are then prepared in our warehouse for dispatching.

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